Monday, October 10, 2016

Birthday Week!

Week 4: October 10, 2016

K this week was a total blur. I feel like I was just barely emailing everyone about last week. Things have been good though and I've felt the spirit lots, which is always a positive!

Luckily I have my journal to help remind me about what happened this week, or else my email would literally be a paragraph long. I know you would all love that (; But I memorized Moroni 10:4-5 in portuguese... so, progress. Slowly, but surely. Conjugating words is literally the hardest thing for me, but we're gettin there. Not much else was different about this week compared to last. We taught our fake investigators again and we invited one of them to be baptized. She said she would pray about it. We also have our first skype TRC this friday and I'm kinda freaking out. We get to skype with a REAL PERSON FROM CABO VERDE!!!!!!!!!'s gonna be interesting. Pray for us. Also, pray for my cute friend Sis. Vega. She's been in a lot of pain this past week from her back, and she needs all the prayers she can get. She's a trooper. 

Yesterday was kinda rough though and I was pretty homesick. I kept thinking about all the things I could've been doing with my family on my birthday.. but as I was fasting I had this overwhelming feeling that I am exactly where I need to be. And that I wouldn't be nearly as happy if I was doing anything else with my life. I know that's true, and I have already learned so much about both myself and my Savior while being here in the MTC. I've even learned how to eat dirt for breakfast lunch and dinner! hahahaha I know you're all so sick of me complaining about the food, but come try it out and then you can judge. On a real note.. I've said it before, and I'll probably be saying it for the rest of my mission (and life,) but this is easily the hardest thing I've ever done. And some days I just want to stay in bed and not talk to anyone.. but on those days I see God's hand in my life more than ever, and I'm reminded why I'm here. And to "perseverar ate o fim." I'll let ya'll google translate that one (; It really is such a testimony builder to me though, and I love the spirit that is constantly here.

Shoutout to my family for all the packages and love sent my way this week. It meant so much and my district literally loves you. And so do I.

I'm grateful for the constant love and support I have received while being out here on my mission. I can feel all your prayers and love, & I wouldn't be here without it. I've got lots to work on and I'm still such a child, but thanks for stickin with me. Love you all. Remember who you are! xoxo 

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