Monday, January 15, 2018


WEEK 69: January 15, 2018

Whatssss goooood...

Sooo... fun and sad news. My flight plans arrived!!!! Ahhhh I cannot believe it. I'll be arriving in SLC on March 14th if any of my fans would like to show up and see my year and a half old rice cheeks (: 

This past week was full of sickness again, but thank the heavens we were able to leave the house more than last week and find some cool new pesq. #blessings. We are currently helping our part member family be reactivated and helping their son Joel be baptized this upcoming Saturday. He's 9 years old and super cute and super excited to be baptized. Pray that everything works out with him!

Other than that, not much else is going on here in 'Somada. Just FREEZING cold all the time but also gorgeous so I guess it kinda evens out. I hope everything is going well back home though and that you all are remembering to love one another bc like we learned in our gospel doctrine class this week, "we are all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father." if we all remembered that in our day to day lives, we would treat people better and there would be less hate in the world. Sooooo, remember that this week when you want to judge someone or punch them in the face ja obi?? WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD AND THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!! Love you all xoxo

 Funnies from this week:
-found an old man that was baptized by an Elder Jorgensen in 2002
-our stalker followed us 20 minutes downhill to a lesson and then ENTERED the house and sat on the couch while we tried to teach. He started being weird halfway through the lesson though, so me and Sis Arnold had to get up, go outside so that he would follow us, and then RUN back inside and slam the door on him!
-met a 100 yr old lady who was photo shy and got mad at us for just coming to see her and not bringing anything lol
-saved two puppies from 'death by cold wind' by stuffing them in the trunk of a tree #puppylove
Much love, Sister Jorgensen

Taught English to the school children

100 yr old lady we visited

Beautiful sunset

Monday, January 8, 2018

Welcome to 2018 and strep :)))

WEEK 68: January 8, 2018

Hey fam... whats gooood ?

So not much to tell from this past week. I went to Praia for a leadership meeting and had to take a hiace (bus) two times in one day and ever since then my body has kinda been WRECKED. Sis Arnold and I stayed inside for most of the week which was really awful because we weren't able to do any work or talk much to our date marks. I think I had strep and Sis Arnold might have a parasite. On the bright side we have elders who live really close and were able to give us blessings and ever since then we've been doing lots better!  So this upcoming week should be WAYY better. Let's all say a little prayer and ask for all sicknesses to be postponed until March 14th ok? K thanks!!

Fun fact: so I'm currently serving in Assomada right? Well one of my fav members from Terra Branca has family here in Assomada and she came to church this past Sunday and I about started crying when I saw her sitting in the back of the church. It made me realize just how much I love these people and how much I truly am going to miss them. That was a tender mercy seeing and hugging her again. I love this place and these beautiful humans!!

Well that's about all I got for ya this week. Fat shoutout to Mic and Camdog for 22 years of marriage... hopefully someday I'll decide that I want to do the marriage thing and be married for that long. Love you guys lots and thanks for being such good examples of what a faithful and happy marriage looks like :) NHOS FICA DRETU
Much love, Sister Jorgensen 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Apartment

WEEK 67: January 1, 2018

Well HAPPY 2018... WHAT EVEN! I CANNOT BELIEVE WE ARE NOW CLOSER TO 2020 THAN WE ARE TO 2010... where does the time go ppl?!?!

Anyways, I have like noooo time today. SO, this past week was FAB. Lots of happiness and food (pretty much the same thing as usual) beautiful black children smiling and dancing and FULL of the Christmas spirit. We were able to go to the town square and sing hymns as a branch. We had a district xmas lunch and then I got to see my beautiful familys' faces... yeah, it was all just really great and full of smiles!!  I love this work. I love these people. I love being a missionary. I never want to come home. and I think I might just stay here forever. Sorry Camdog. I love you all so much though and I'm beyond grateful for your love and support. Things in Assomada are going well and FREEZING. God is getting me ready for that Utah winter weather....-_- these people are amazing and beautiful and I just love life right now!  Have a great week thcauuuuu 

Much love, Sister Jorgensen 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Feliz Natal!!!!

 WEEK 66: December 25, 2017

There was no weekly letter from Sis. J bc it was Christmas BUT we got to see her awesome face and hear her voice on our skype call!!! She is doing great and loving her mission so much.  Here are a few pics she sent this week...

New Area of Assomado

We sent Sis. J Snow in a Bag!!!  Just add water and BAM SNOW!!!

The missionaries sang in the town square for Christmas!!

...and did a Photo Booth with fun Christmas eyewear!!

Monday, December 18, 2017

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear!!!

WEEK 65: December 18, 2017
So this week our district was able to go out and sing for all to hear... aka caroling lol. It was SO SO fun and made me wonder why I hated it so much back home. We were able to bring the spirit into peoples´ homes and see their faces light up getting a visit from the `elders` and `sisters.` So yes, thank you Elf for the great advice. GO OUT AND SING LOUD FOR ALL TO HEAR PPL. It will make you and others´ happier I promise!!

As for the rest of this week.....well, it was another rough one, BUT HEY, we have a baptism this weekend and she is so so awesome and so so prepared. Unfortunately, transfers happened today and I will not be able to see her get baptized :( I know she will be great though and continue strong in the church. As for transfers, I will now be heading off to Assomada to serve with Sis Arnold! I don't know her at all, but i'm excited to get to know her and my new area! Ive also heard it´s gorgeous there and freezing cold sooooo ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!! Definitely A-OK with leaving this Fogo heat lol

MASSSS, I hope everything is going well back home and that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and remembering the TRUE importance of why we celebrate. Keep lighting the world and helping others´ feel the same happiness that we all feel during this amazing time of the year. I have seen the hand of the Lord SO MUCH in my life and others´ lives out here in Cabo Verde and I know that He loves each and every one of us SO MUCH. Which means that we need to help others realize that and help them feel of that love each day. SERVICE CHANGES LIVES. This is now turning into a rambling mess so I'm gonna go now. Just know that I LOVE THIS WORK. I LOVE MY MISSION. YES IT IS INSANELY HARD AND TIRING, BUT SO BEYOND WORTH IT. I LOVE MY SAVIOR. AND I LOVE YOU ALL. XO

Much love, Sister Jorgensen

Monday, December 11, 2017

Service with a Sunburn

WEEK 64: December 11, 2017

I think some of you (who am I kidding, only me) might be pleased to know that the weather cooled off this past week and it was ballin during the night time. I actually said the words "I am cold right now" more than once. WHAT A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!! This past week was pretty good though. We had our Christmas party and interviews with President.  All the districts did their own skits and it was good to just sit back and laugh for a little bit.

Two weeks ago we also had the chance to hear from Elder Johnson of the area 70. He was able to come and do a mission tour and gave a training while here in Fogo. He talked a lot about revelation and it was a great training. The spirit was so strong and he is definitely called of God. It was a cool experience to meet him and shake a member of the Seventy's quorum hand. 

Not much else exciting happened this past week, but I did want to share a quick thought about the influence that we as missionaries AND members have WHEN we are being obedient and diligent. There were quite a few moments this past week where Sis Miller and I walked into situations that were filled with satan...hahahah sorry I can't think of any other way to say it. My english is terrible... anyway, moments where people would be smoking and immediately hide their cigarette the minute we walked up. Or when our recent converts mom and random guys were all drinking in her newly converted bar and made us go through the side was moments like that where I was able to realize not only can people feel a difference when being in church or in a lesson with us, but just merely OUR PRESENCE has an influence on them. Both of those situations were with people who knew our purpose as missionaries. They knew we would either invite them to change OR bring the spirit into the room which would cause them to feel uncomfortable about breaking the commandments of God. It really blew my mind to just think about that and realize how much "power" we really do have as members of the TRUE AND LIVING CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. Think about that for a sec people. I challenge you all to have more courage this week and invite someone to come to church or get involved with the "light the world" campaign. Your examples and influence are more noticable than you think ;)  Love you all and hope you have a fab week xo 

Much love, Sister Jorgensen 

Sis J saving the puppies!!

Her favorites are the puppies and the babies!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

`Live by the truth, die by the truth`

WEEK 63: December 4, 2017
Well folks, it´s officially December and still hotter than SATAN here in Fogo :) Im convinced this heat never leaves, but oddly enough I'm ok with it bc SAY NO TO SNOW and numb fingers and toes. Not excited to return to that....As for this week though and starting the holiday spirit, Sis Miller and I were like kids in a candy shop downloading Light the World videos to our pin drives this morning. So stoked to share Christmas videos with our pesquisadores and help them realize the TRUE importance and meaning of CHRISTmas. Absolute FAVORITE time of the yearrrrr :) 

This week was good! Full of random and hilarious and spiritual experiences, which pretty much sums up the life of a missionary here in Cabo Verde and pretty much everywhere else in the world. We have lots of really cool date marks right now, and they are actually progressing which is such a MILAGRE. Our active members here are literally amazing as well, and I really just love the Cabo Verdean povo with all of my heart, might, mind and soul. They are incredible and I love them!! There's no other way to say it. 

i just want to invite ya´ll to go onto and read more about Light the World and watch the videos. You will feel the spirit and have a stronger desire to serve others during this holiday season. Be the light for someone else this year!!  Love you all... TXAU xo

ps. the title is brought to you by a wanna be movie director from Sao Filipe Fogo who met us in the grocery store today and in very poor english said ´LIVE BY THE TRUTH, DIE BY THE TRUTH. THAT'S WHAT JESUS DID.` Thank you and Amen. 
Much love, Sister Jorgensen