Monday, September 18, 2017

WEEK 52: September 18, 2017


Hows life?! So sorry about not having a weekly update last week. I was puking my guts out (: but all is well now and I will no longer be eating at that shack that made me sick. This week started out rough bc of the sickness, but by Wednesday we were finally able to get back to work and see HUGE milagres!!! 

Sis T and I have a goal to leave this area better than we found it. It is definitely a tough task, but we are trying our hardest. Once again, only 2 pesquisadors showed up to church yesterday... :( it´s definitely better than zero, but we´re working on it. Shoutout to Annabana for having 7 though! SO DOPE! 2 weeks ago was also Zone Conference and we were able to talk lots about helping our investigators make and keep commitments, along with helping them plant the seed of faith within their hearts. It was really cool, and President and Sis Amo are so amazing. I really loved the thought that Pres. Amo shared with everyone about how WE have to first have that seed of faith planted within us, and continually nourish it, to help others implant that same seed. When our investigators read the Book of Mormon, THAT is how they will plant the seed. By reading daily, the seed will continue to grow within them until it becomes APART of them. That seed is CHRIST, and once we have Christ with us, we will ultimately become better people and true disciples of Christ. Ultimately, the Book of Mormon is the key to everything. It is called the keystone of our religion for a reason. This book has TRULY changed my life since being on my mission. I am so beyond grateful for it, and challenge you ALL to continue to read it daily. And if you´re not reading it daily, it´s never too late to start (; 

As far as the miragles go (shoutout to Sis Pendleton haha) they were AMAZING! So...Wednesday night we were out contacting because all our apptm´s fell through. We were walking on one of our membros roads and Sis T decided to take a becko (alleyway) to a different road. She stopped at this random house, and boy I am so grateful she did! We ended up finding a 26 year old woman, Milu, at home with her 5 year old daughter, Ludmilla. She looked very depressed and downhearted as we walked into her one room cement house. She proceeded to tell us all about her life and how difficult things were at the moment. Her family stopped helping her, she was having trouble paying rent, she couldn´t find a good job, and she didn´t have enough money to feed her daughter. It was so sad. Sis T and I just sat there for a long time and listened to her. I think she really needed that. We were planning on teaching the first lesson, but after listening, the spirit directed us somewhere else. We were able to read alma 36:27 with her and testify of God´s love for her. She began to cry and we all just sat there in silence for awhile. The spirit was SO strong. We asked her how she felt and she said, `relieved.` We testified of how she could feel this same feeling when reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and attending church each week. Since then, we have been able to teach her more and she currently has a baptismal date! I love this work! 

Not enough time to write about the other miracles, but this week was great! Transfers are this upcoming Monday, and Sis T and I have big plans to help this area as much as possible before leaving (if we leave that is...) I am so grateful for this work. For my Savior. And for my family. You all mean the WORLD to me, and I would NOT be here without your love and support. That goes for anyone who is reading this or who is apart of my life. I love you all.  I love being a missionary! Have a great week and keep reading the Book of Mormon!!!!!!!! 

Much love, Sister Jorgensen 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Quando vocé vai dar luz?

WEEK 50: September 4, 2017

Modi k´nos sta? Hope things are goin well for everyone and that you´re all enjoying malaria-free environments (: life is great out here on the islands. Just hot, and humid, and more hot!  But the saddest news of all is that mango season is officially over... I about cried when the market ladies told me that. I´ve decided I´m having a friend from Fogo send them to me when I move back home (,:

So this week was busy de mais! We had divisions on Wednesday and I was able to be with Sis Whitney (my comp from my tripla back in Sintonton.) It was fun to talk to her again and catch up. It was also AWESOME being back in my first area (Tira Chapeu.) I will always love that area. I got to see Fatima, and the bread members, and Dudu´s mom, and girls with Sis Frongners latern things. It was great to say the least. And the best part was that I learned a new phrase, hence the title. Apparently when you ask someone, `quando vocé vai dar luz?` (when will you give light?) means, when will you have the baby? Like, what the heck!? portuguese man...anyways, I just thought it was hilarious and now Sis t and I always ask eachother that after we are done eating lunch. It´s great!! 

Sunday was also quite the day. Once again, we had difficulties with getting people to church. It´s such a struggle in this area right now....they are willing to meet with us, and want to grow closer to Christ, but aren´t willing to walk 15 minutes to church to show their faith. It´s pretty sad and super dissappointing at times, but we´re working on it. Fortunately, Nivaldo came all by himself and is continuing to amaze us. We will be setting a baptismal date with him this week. We were also told 5 minutes before sunday school that we would be teaching the lesson..haha. Very normal thing here in CV. So Sis T and I prepared in literally 30 seconds and taught about fasting. All in portuguese/kriolu. It actually went great, and I no longer have a fear of teaching lessons at church anymore (: I also got peed on by one of our pesq. daughter later that night after church, so that was great (: 

Other than that, not much else is new. But, I do have an invite for ya´ll. Go read Elder Hales `Becoming a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ` in this past general conference liahona. It is such a great talk and something that we can ALL work on in our lives. I was able to study it this past week during personal study, and it really strengthened my testimony about what our purpose is here on earth. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week. xoxo 

P.s. funny of the week: during lunch this week a drunk man came and took my chicken leg off my plate, ate it, then put the bones back on my plate. love this country (:

Much Love

Sis. Jorgensen xoxoxo

Monday, August 28, 2017

That dirt looks nice...

WEEK 49: August 28, 2017

So to start off this weeks email, I would like to share with ya´ll the greatest prank ever feito por mi mesmo (done by myself). SO, Sis T had once again been taken over by the sprirt while reading her scriptures during personal study, and was having some nice dreams about who knows what. Anyways, while I was sitting there, pondering my scriptures, the greatest thought popped into my head, `switch all the clocks back 15 minutes and pretend like nothing happened.` So I went ahead with the plan and changed all the clocks. Including my watch. I woke her up and asked her to hand me something. 15 minutes later I did the same thing, and asked her to hand me the same thing. I did this same thing 15 minutes later, and BOY DO I WISH YA´LL COULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO SEE THE LOOK ON HER FACE!!  Thanks to Court, I was able to keep a straight face and go with it until that night at 10:25pm while we were laying in our beds. She thought for sure she had gone crazy and could not believe that she had had such vivid ´dreams´ of me asking her to do the same thing over and over again. Hahaha talk about groundhog day! It was awesome, and easily the highlight of that day!!

As far as missionary work goes..haha WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS LAST SATURDAY! WOOT! Her name is Jacky and she is the cutest and sassiest little 11 yr old ever. Her mom and older sister are already members but for some reason she was never baptized when she was 8. So the elders before us started teaching her, and then we finished the lessons and were able to see her baptized and confirmed this past weekend. It was so awesome to see her get up after her baptism and share her testimony. She is so intelligent and bore the greatest testimony I have ever heard an 11 year old bear. I love this work and these people so much (: 

Sis T and I saw so many miracles this week and were able to mark 2 weddings and 4 baptisms in the process. Things have definitely been stressful and busy here having to look after two areas, but somehow we are making ends meet all with the help of the Lord and the Holy Ghost. Tomorrow I will be giving a training on following/teaching with the spirit, which has helped me really think about and study what needs to take place before we can teach with, and follow the spirit. We must be purifying our hearts every day, and having the faith and desire to come closer to Christ. We must be doing our part daily and making sure our lives are purified enough to where the Spirit will be able to reside with us. I challenge you all to do that and come closer to Christ each and every day! I love you all!  Have a great week!

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

My fav...Mangoes!!

Taste of Home!!  

FHE!! Eating Yummy carmel popcorn

Monday, August 21, 2017

Cleaning the Elders house ROUND 2...

WEEK 48: August 21, 2017

What a week! I cannot believe it´s already pday again! There were definitely highs and lows during this week, just like any other time on the mission (and life in general who am i kidding..) but Sis T and I spent the first couple of days this week cleaning out our house. and boy was it GREAT... sweet Sis T took the responsibility of cleaning out the bathroom and all I have to say is bless her heart. It´s gonna take a lot of trust and pre-cleaning checks before I can marry one of these men...guys...boys...ugh haha. ANYWAYSSS....the missionary work side of things is going alright. Sis T and I made some awesome plans during our weekly planning sesh, and we have a lot of high hopes for this area and these people. It´s a lil overwhelming with how big our area is right now, and how many people need our help, but I know that the Lord is with us and guiding our every step. It´s been incredible to see the help of the members improve though, and see less active members come back to church again. This week we were able to have 4 resgates (rescues) and you can truly see such a difference in them. One of our rescues, Djay, is this young 19 year old boy who has dread locks with bleached tips. He´s been less active for about the past 2 months now, but just recently he has started coming back to church. Our bishop gave him the calling of ward greeter (shoutout to Sis Dutkiewicz and my mtc group. best calling EVER) and he takes it so very seriously. It´s adorable. He shows up 45 minutes early every sunday and greets everyone with a huge smile and firm handshake. Last week he was unable to come and when we passed by he said, `sisters im so sorry i wasnt able to come to church. It has made me so sad this week thinking about all those people who walked through the church doors without being greeted.´ I love these people so so much. 

Other than that, not much else is going on right now. We now have a clean house, I am finally giardia freeeee, and we will be having a baptism this next weekend of an 11 year old girl named Jacky! Her mom and older sister are already members, but for some reason she never got baptized when she was 8. So the elders taught her and then handed her off once they left. She is so cute and awesome. Im so excited for her to be baptized and she is too. Pictures to come next week ((:

Also, it´s currently rainy season which means humidity is at an all time HIGH... and holy its so awful. Every night we sweat BUCKETS. Sis T and I have resorted to sleeping with frozen water bottles on our stomachs. Cabo verde man!!! Wellll i love you all so very much and am so very grateful for the love and support. I miss my family more than anything, but I also never want to leave this place sooo..? Just keep choosing the right and taking full advantage of your air conditioning. Love you SO MUCH XOXOXOXO

Sis. Jorgensen

Monday, August 14, 2017

Segunda Milha

WEEK 47: August 14, 2017

So this week was long and tiring and a lil disappointing, but what´s mission work without all of that amiright? (camdog dont edit that) On a positive note, SIS T AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER ANOTHER TRANSFER WOOOOOOOT! The only down side is that we have to change houses....which means no more AC and hot water...AND WE HAVE TO CLEAN ANOTHER ELDERS HOUSE :( good thing im a missionary and a disciple of Christ who never gets mad at elders for leaving their houses dirty.....smh. BUT, Sis T and I definitely have our work cut out for us. Our area just doubled in size, and we will now be the only missionaries in our ward. This will be my 3rd white wash in just a short 11 months. Time is crazy. 

As for our pesquisadors...that was the disappointing part. We had an awesome noite familiar saturday night and about 10 of our peeps said they would come to church the next afternoon. Well guess how many ended up coming?? ZERO. the words of Sis Stevenson... `that´s all i have to say about that!!` but we´ll keep trying. 4 of them still have baptismal dates, but if they don´t come to church ka ta da. So plsss pray for this area !!

As for the title, President Amo has given MCVP (missao cabo verde praia) a new motto which is Segunda Milha. Ou seja,(that is) the "second mile". We are starting, as a mission, to cleanse ourselves first and repent. Once we have personally become closer to Christ, it is important to do the little things each day to bring the spirit into our lives and His work. Which means making our bed every morning, cleaning all the dishes before we leave, and just having a clean house in general. Once we have created an environment for the Holy Ghost to preside, we will start having that same spirit with us once we leave the house to teach. This will help us `go the second mile` and help our mission become a `second mile` mission. I really love the whole concept, and President Amo is a great man who is really trying to help this mission become better to then help Cabo Verde become better and closer to the Lord. I invite you all to take up this challenge as well, and really purify yourselves personally to come closer to your Savior, and then complete the little tasks each day to constantly have the spirit with you. I know it will work because Sis T and I have already seen such a huge difference in our lives by doing so. And we will once again feel that after cleaning up the old elders house we moved into today........Lord help us!!

I love you all and am so so grateful for your love and support. Kade and Nate, pls stop growing up on me. Just wait 7 more months k? Nate, take good care of Juan (the truck) and love the experience of driving a stick shift (; Kade, have so much fun at college and remember that you are preparing to go on a mission (; remember who you are and WHO´s you are. and remember to do the little things every day and go the extra mile ((: LOVE YOU XO

Much love, Sister Jorgensen

Bishop Pires...his niece was one of my comps

Monday, August 7, 2017

Post - "Bomb"

WEEK 46: August 7, 2017

Well folks, I have officially survived "The Bomb" (aka parasite pills.) Oh how I love this country. The work has been a little slow here in Terra Branca because of it, but Sis T and I are hoping that things will only go up from here! Pray for us lol. 

On a positive note, it was a week full of miracles and very humbling experiences!! First off, we were able to get 3 of our 'dates marked' to church on Sunday and they really loved it! Two of them are 19 year old boys who are really looking to grow closer to the Savior. Danielson and Junior. The other was a 35ish year old man named Nivaldo who is the most spiritual man I have EVER met. He wants so badly to grow closer to God and stay on the straight and narrow path. They are all reading the BofM and always have the best questions when we go over to teach them. With Danielson and Junior, it always gets a little tricky teaching them because they live in a bar, and all the drunk guys like to sit with us while we teach. At times it takes everything in me not to burst out laughing. Life is great!!

Also, for a Zone meeting this morning we were able to watch Ephraim´s Rescue. and it changed my life, not gonna lie. It´s the most humbling movie ever. I invite you all to watch it and really think about what you have been blessed with in your lives. 

These past couple months on the mission, I´ve really been able to look back on my life and realize how much I have been given the past 20 years. Life hasn´t always been easy, but I´ve always had what I´ve needed, and for that I am so grateful. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, and His son Jesus Christ who gave His life for me. I am BEYOND grateful for a loving family who has always supported me through thick and thin, and have always brought a smile to my face during rough times. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the people of Cabo Verde right now. No, it is not easy AT ALL. And there are moments I want to quit, but I know this is exactly where I need to be. I know I was supposed to meet all of these people for a reason, and they have truly changed my life...Including those I have met since I entered the MTC. I´m grateful for all of you, and your continuous support. It means the world to me.  I am so grateful for this gospel, and have already seen it change so many peoples´ lives.  I just want to say how grateful I am for the life Ive been given!  Have a great week!

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

P-day lunch by the Ocean

Yuri's baptism!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"The Bomb"

WEEK 45: July 31, 2017

Well folks, it´s August tomorrow and my mind is officially blown. These past 10 months have been the LONGEST yet FASTEST ten months of my life. Mission time is somethin else man. This week was ight though! 

We were finally able to mark some baptismal dates, and one of them is SOOO cool! His name is Nivaldo. He is a 35 year old man, who is truly looking for the truth in his life. We´ve only taught him 2 lessons so far, but he gladly accepted a baptismal date and wants to continue to learn more and follow Christ. Unfortunately we have had to stay in the house a little seeing as I have a stomach bug, and we weren´t expecting many people to come to church because of it. Long story short, we tried calling and passing by all our pesquisadors before church and the only one who showed up was Nivaldo. He stayed for all 3 hours and even brought his Livro de Mormon (Book of Mormon) with him. It was so awesome! We´ll follow up with him this week and see how he liked it. Keep him in your prayers pls! 

Also, we had a ward baptism this past Saturday and it was so awesome. His name is Yuri, and he´s the cutest thing ever. I def regret not going to ward baptisms before the mission. It´s so important to show support for these little kids and help them realize how awesome it is that they have decided to be baptized. It is a goal of mine to attend ward baptisms when i get home, and I encourage all of you to do the same. Ward missionary work is SO SO important people.

Well, that´s about it for this week. Also, I HAD BLOOD DRAWN AND DIDNT PASS OUT!!!  Yes, miracles do happen. Missions change a person...Especially here in Cabo Verde lol. K have a great week. Love you all!!!! Shoutout to Kade for moving out and starting college. So proud of you (,: Don't forget about me. xoxoxo

Much love, Sister Jorgensen