Monday, July 10, 2017

Mangos and Bananas

WEEK 42: July 10 2017

Okay, so I lied in my last weekly. My fidja is actually 100% Filipino, BUT she has lived in Hawaii her whole life. If you're wondering who her parents are look in the Gordon B Hinckley Teachings of the Presidents book, chapter 10, and that cute hawaiian slash filipino couple...yep those are her adorable parents. cool right? Anyways, how's everyone doin?? I hope this past week was good and that ya´ll were able to eat lots of good food, and celebrate the Land of the Free!! Things were good here in Praia. Eu e Sis T had our baptism of EMILIO!! AH it was SO good!  He was 30 minutes early to his baptism and 30 minutes early to church the next day before he was confirmed! He is such an awesome young man and we are trying to talk to him lots about missionary work. He would be such a great elder!

As for the rest of the week, Sis T and I are trying really hard to find new investigators. It was really easy the first 6 weeks here because we didnt know anyone, but now that we are getting used to things and this area it´s been a little harder. Those people are definitely out there and ready to be taught, we just havent found them yet. So pray for us and the progress of Terra Branca pls (:  

Funny of the week: So Sis T only has about a week here in Cabo Verde and is still adjusting big time to the time difference and literally everything else that this blessed country has to offer. Anyways, this past week we were doing our personal study and she decided to study the same page in the BOM for 20 minutes...haha I´m suprised she wasn´t snoring by then. Luckily, I had the genius idea to scare her awake!! So i yelled `SISTER` really loud, and the look she had on her face quazi made me pee my pants. It was the best! And yes, I got it on film. Ask Camdog, and she can show you. 

Well folks, thats about it. As you can see by the title, our lives consist of bananas and mangos at the moment. We eat about 15-20 each week and i LOVE it. k love ya´ll tchauuuuu xoxo

Monday, July 3, 2017

God Bless the Red White Blue and Yellow

WEEK 41: July 3, 2017

Fat HBD shoutout to AMERICA! Eat lots of fireworks and shoot lots of hotdogs for me lol (; So sad I won´t be there to celebrate with ya´ll but I actually might bleed red white blue AND yellow now... #caboverde5ever!! How´s everyone doing though?? Things are goin really good over here in Terra Branca. My filha ("daughter" or brand new sister missionary) is KILLIN it and I love her to death. You´ll never guess where she´s from though.....THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII!!!!! Literally my fav island ever and she lives in Kona! So yeah, you could say we are bff´s now. So much for her speaking spanish though haha. It´s so crazy to see where she´s at, because I swear I was just there yesterday... very wide eyed and wondering what I had gotten myself into. She´s really good at saying `how are you` and `my name is` in Portuguese haha. I love her to death though, and the language will come along with time. If I can communicate in Portuguese then anyone can.

Unfortunately our baptism did not happen this past weekend. Emilio woke up two days before with a swollen face and didnt want to be baptized looking like the chubby kid from Willy Wonka lol!! All is well though because he is still beyond prepared and ready to be baptized this coming Saturday. Keep him and his face in your prayers pls (:

Our new president also got in this past weekend and we will be having zone conference with him and his wife this Wednesday. Im super excited to meet him and see how things are gonna work with a new president. That´s about it for this week though. Happy late birthday to my favorite McCALL! Hope it was rad...can´t believe you´re legal now. Also, shoutout to my girl Shelbs for sealin the deal. Proud daughter moment (´: and the BIGGEST shoutout ever to my amazing Dad for turning 29 yesterday!!  Love you so much!  Have a great week and take a nap for me (;

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxo

Monday, June 26, 2017

Trainee going on trainer

Week 40: June 26, 2017

YOOOO, what a week! Transfer calls came last night, and like always emotions were at an all time high! I thought for sure I would be leaving, but NOPE! turns out I will be TRAINING! not ready, but super excited to meet my first daughter and see how things go! Her name is Sis Transfiguration or something??!! I think she might be Spanish. Transfers continue to blow my mind, but i´m excited to stay in this area (and this house WOOT! hashtag hot water and AC. god bless.) I´m still pretty new to this area, but we´ve found some awesome people so far, and I´m excited to see who else we will find during this next transfer!
Not much else happened in the area this week. Sis Frandsen and I continued to work with our dates marked and find new people. We will be having a baptism this weekend for an 18 year old boy named Emilio. He showed up to church the first weekend we invited him, and has been coming ever since then! He is super prepared and has such a strong testimony. I am so excited to see him get baptized this weekend and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost! 

This place is still hot as ever, and 2-3 showers a day is completely normal. It´s also mango season which means life is GREAT right now. I love these people. I love this work, and I love seeing people change their lives´ for the better. There´s no where else i´d rather be right now, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my mission has in store. Keep reading your scriptures every day and praying, and keep going to church each week. I know it will bless your life more than you will ever know, because it has already changed mine. I am so grateful for this gospel in my life and the chance we have to continually repent and become better. I love you all more than you will ever know and pray for you daily. Have a great week!! 
Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

Monday, June 19, 2017

9 down, 9 to go

WEEK 39: June 19, 2017

`Litcherally no time today, BUT we had a baptism this last Saturday and it was awesome! She is the niece of our bishop.Her name is Luciete, and she was so beyond prepared! I´m so glad I was able to meet her and her family here. They are all such amazing people. It´s hot as heck lately, and we walk like 20 miles every day... but things are going well. Transfers will be this upcoming week and we will also be receiving a new mission president. That is about it for this week. Shoutout to my fam for spending the week in Cali and eating cronuts and S
anchos tacos without me!!! Love you too haha!

Much Love, Sis. Jorgensen  xoxoxo

Monday, June 12, 2017

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

Week 38: June 12 2017

Very cliche title, but very cliche week? DEF NOT. I dont even know where to begin....for starters, Happy Father´s Day this upcoming Sunday!! I am SO beyond grateful for my Dad and all he has done, and continues to do for me and my family. Make sure to treat all those Dads out there real good this week and make them a steak or something!

As for Terra Branca, things are going really well! We will be having a baptism this week for a young girl named Luciete. She is the niece of our bishop and SO COOL! She is so prepared and I´m so glad we met her. We have a few other investigators who are also preparing for baptism here in the next couple of weeks, and things are looking really good for this area in general. We are finding TONS of new people all the time, and there are still a few parts of this area we have yet to explore. It´s cool being in a new place again.

Crazy of the week: so here in Praia, things are a lot more loud and busy than they were on the island of Santo Antao and other islands, which means that lots more things happen including crimes. (okay dont freak out Cami) Anyways, this past weekend, some stupid teenage boys lit the library on fire in the church. The first time they did it during the baptisms on Saturday, and the second time they tried burning it down was during our SACRAMENT MEETING. We were literally passing around the water, and all of a sudden the bishop from the other ward bursts through the door with a young boy by the neck and says `fogo!` which means fire. So we ended up putting a fire out during sacrament meeting!! That´s definitely not something you hear about every day.

Other than that, not much else has happened this week.  I hope all is well back home and that ya´ll are enjoying your AC´s. frick, it´s so hot here. I love you all so much though and am grateful for the love and support. Always! You guys are the best. LOVE YOU!


Much love, Sister Jorgensen  xoxoxo

Monday, June 5, 2017

brancas em Terra Branca

WEEK 37: June 5, 2017

I swear this week was literally only 5 seconds long. BUT, all is well over here in Terra Branca, We are finding TONS of new pesquisadors and helping our "dates marked" progress towards baptism here within the next couple of weeks. We still find ourselves getting lost deveis en quanto, but it´s getting better. We´re finally getting the hang of this place. On the very bright side, I´ve been able to see so many people who I met in my first 5 weeks of the mission, including my very first baptism, Dudu!! It was so good to see him and catch up for a little.

Blessings of the mission!! Also, there´s LOADS of J-dubs in our area (Jehovah´s Witnesses) and the quote of the week from one of our Elders was to NOT FEAR THE JDUBS, and keep preaching the gospel to the people they are teaching as well. haha. I invite you all to do the same and NOT FEAR THE JDUBS, or in other words, don´t be afraid to share the gospel with those you know and invite them to come to church with you or start meeting with the missionaries. Although ya´ll don´t have name tags, you can still do missionary work all day erry day.

The city of Terra Branca
Also, funny of the week. So here in Cabo Verde, EVERYONE and their dog likes to kiss eachother on the cheek. It´s a sign of respect here. Us sisters are only allowed to kiss women on the cheek, seeing as we might fall in love with a "local" man. haha jokes. kinda (; Anyways, this past Tuesday we were out knocking doors, like always, and we ran into this cute old man. We started talking to him under his mango tree about the gospel, when all of a sudden his neto (grandson) walked through the gate, said ola, and kissed me on the cheek. Sis Frandsen, being tall as ever, was able to dodge the kiss. But I on the other hand was not fast enough to dodge out of the way. It all happened so fast, and we had to continue talking to the old man as I stood there very confused with very wide eyes. hahaha The little boy was probably only 12 yrs old, and was doing it out of complete respect, but it was still super funny and we had a good laugh about it for the rest of the day!

Other than that, not much else is going on. I really like this area so far, and these people seem really awesome! Our ward is kinda strugglin at the moment and only has a frequency of 30 on a good pray for the growth of this area. We were able to find this really cool man by the name of Silvino the other day who attended a baptism AND church with us! He has a baptism date and seems to be progressing super well! I´m excited to keep working with him and our other pesquisadors!

Thank you ALL for the love and support. I never realized how hard a mission could be both mentally, physically and spiritually. It´s taught me so much, and I still have a LONG ways to go, but I´m grateful for all the experiences I have had so far. Your prayers are definitely felt and they help me continue to perseverar ate o fim! (persevere to the end) Have a great week and know that I love you all so so much. 


Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxoxo
Ronise and her children on their baptism day!!!!! i was transferred days later

Just a friendly little lizard trying to relax in the tub!!
Our District :))

YUMMY bread!!

The local fresh market!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

`Praia Round 2`

WEEK 35: MAY 23, 2017

Well people, I´m back in Praia and missin Santo Antao like none other. After 6 months of Porto Novo, I have officially been transferred back to Praia. And guess what, I´m white washing AGAIN! My new area is called Terra Branca and we live super close to my old area, Tira Chapeu, which is SO awesome! I´m so excited to see people who I met at the beginning of my mission! My new comp is Sis Frandsen from Minnesota. She seems pretty cool!

We are taking over an old Elders area here in Terra Branca, which means we are now living in their old house. And BOY LET ME TELL YOU HOW FUN IT IS TO CLEAN AN ELDERS HOUSE........two 18 year old boys, living in a house, by themselves....yeah...thank heavens the church is true. After a long day of deep cleaning, we were finally able to leave the house and explore our new area. One of the members here was able to come with us and help us out. It seems like we have our work cut out for us here, but I´m excited to get to know the people in this new area and help them learn more about the gospel.

No pics for this week bc my camera is dead and this computer is awful, BUT I hope ya´ll have a great week. Remember that God loves you and knows each and every one of you. He is there no matter what, even when it feels like He is oh so far away. Keep pushin through and remember that everything happens for a reason. Love you all so much and am SO grateful for ALL of your love and support. xoxo

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo