Monday, October 24, 2016

"Prison Break"

Week 6:  October 24, 2016 

Sister Smith and Sister J

Oi! K this week was literally the same as last week, except for the fact that they are letting me out of this place haha. I don't know how that's happening considering my lack of portuguese skills, but here we are! No but really, I can't believe my 6 weeks in the MTC are already up. It feels like I've lived here my whole life, but at the same time I swear I was just dropped off. Time is so beyond weird on a mission. But I love it! 

MTC Sunrise
A lot actually happened with my district this week now that I think about it. So initially, we were supposed to have me and 4 other girls traveling to Cabo Verde, one sister was planning on getting re-assigned because her visa hadn't come through for Brazil, and our Elders were all supposed to be heading to Lisbon Portugal. Things didn't really turn out that way though. Elder Anderson was re-assigned to serve in the SLC mission due to his visa not being here yet, and will be there for another transfer, Elder Martel has to get lymph node surgery this next week and will be staying in the MTC for two more weeks, Sister Cassiano was told LAST NIGHT that she would be leaving this morning @4am for Brazil, and one of the sisters who was supposed to be flying to CV with me will now have to serve a transfer in Orem due to stomach issues.  So yeah, lots of plot twists here at the MTC. It's odd how everyone suddenly gets random diseases when they get here.... (:

The "funeral" for those in the zone leaving the MTC
Anyways, another exciting thing that happened this week was that Sis. Ann M. Dibb came and talked to the sisters sunday night.  Sister Dibb gave a great talk about the attributes of her father, President Monson, and how we can all learn to become like him and gain the attributes he has. It was really good. And then the grand finale of my week; our going away "funeral" - a ceremony for all the girls leaving the MTC and the country this week. It was great. See the picture to the right including our homemade podium and chair arrangement.  Pretty much we said a prayer, sang hymns, and then said our fav part about the MTC and how glad we were that we all became friends. It was sad because our zone won't be staying together, but also good cause it was like a mini testimony meeting. It's crazy how close I've become to people in our zone and I really am going to miss seeing them 24/7. 

So that's a wrap. Next time ya'll hear from me I'll literally be in Africa. So weird to say that... but I'm super pumped. Pray for us and the 31 hour one way flight. WOooOO! Love you all and am so extremely grateful for your love and support! So sorry if I have yet to email you back...I'm really bad at this whole emailing thing. But I promise I've read all your emails and I appreciate them so much. Have a great week and remember who you are! xoxo 
The "Squad" 

Much love, Sister Jorgensen 

Editors Note (... or Dad's clarification):  There are 10 Sisters that were called to serve in Cabo Verde together and that entered the MTC on the same day.  9 out of those 10 will be leaving for the Islands tomorrow.  They are so lucky to be able to travel together.  Unfortunately, one Sister will have to stay in Provo one more transfer as Kenzie outlined above.  The Sisters that fly out tomorrow are:  Sister Jorgensen (Jorgy), Sister Smith (Dot), Sister Vega, Sister Dutkiewicz (Sister D), Sister Goudy, Sister Sorensen, Sister Peterson, Sister Stonley, and Sister Miller.  Most of these Sisters have been pictured in some way, shape or form on this blog. :)

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