Monday, November 14, 2016

'At least you´re not a stinky goat'

Week 9: November 14, 2016

It´s been quite the week to say the least...and it ended on a high note so that´s what matters!! Our electricity went out this past wednesday and has yet to come back all the food in our fridge and freezer went to pot, and we´re running out of clothes to wear because the washer is also shut off. It´s also been pretty challenging finding the toilet seat at night in the dark lol. Good thing I bought that cool flashlight from sister missionary mall or we would really be in trouble #prepared. On the bright side, it´s been super breezy and cloudy outside which has helped keep our house somewhat cool without the use of our fan. Sis. Lee and I have LOVED the weather lately, but it´s funny to watch the people here cause they think it´s freezing. It´s their `winter`right now. So they´re always wearing jackets or have blankets wrapped around them. It is hilarious! And it´s only like 70ish degrees outside with a breeze. I wish it could stay this way year round...if only.

As for the rest of this week, I got kinda sick this past Thursday, but I got to sleep all day so that was swag. This place definitely takes some getting used to, especially the food, but we´re gettin there. Slowly but surely! Sis. Matthews is also a big fan of us drinking coke when we´re sick, so I had a lot of that this week. I´m starting to feel like Dot haha. Being here has also made me realize how fun the MTC actually was....I miss the squad so much but know they´re killin it both here and in Mozambique. Love ya´ll xoxo.

Here´s the good part to my week....I had my FIRST BAPTISM OF THE MISSION. WOOT. I literally did nothing because he is my trainers investigator and she has taught him this whole time, but it was still the coolest experience. His name is Dudu (doo doo) and he is so awesome. It´s been super cool to watch him progress even just in these past 2 weeks. The day of his baptism ended up being the most stressful day ever though, because the night before he told us he wasn´t ready and that he needed to wait until next saturday. We were pretty bummed to hear that, but bore our testimonies of how he would receive an answer as to when he needed to be baptized if he prayed with faith and real intent that night. He must´ve prayed real hard that night because the next morning we recieved a call from him saying that he wanted to be baptized!!!!!! We were SO excited, but in order for people to be baptized here, they have to fill out a bunch of paper work saying that they pretty much agree to be baptized haha. So long story longer, he showed up 15 minutes late to his own baptism (sooo me) and then we had to fill out that paper wicked fast like 5 minutes before he entered the font. It was craziness. But it all ended up working out and he recieved the Holy Ghost and became a member the next day in sacrament meeting. It was so awesome!

I´m also the new ward pianist by default because literally no one else plays in our ward. Gotta start practicin. Thanks for piano lessons all those years mom (;

So yeah....there were some pretty rough days this week, but also some pretty awesome days. But all is well and I am so grateful to be here. I´m also beyond grateful for everyone´s support, love, and prayers. They mean more than you know. And thank you SO much for all the emails. I LOVE reading them and hearing about everyone´s lives. I´m so sorry for not responding though. I never have time on mondays....but shoutout to Jared, Stevo, Tina, Kristin, Dmeetch, Chanchan, Court, Anna, Devin, both sets of grandparents, Greys, Duff, and everyone else who has written me! I love you all and am so grateful for your support (:

Fun facts of the week:
-As I´ve mentioned before, the drunk men love talking to us. Monday night we were followed by a super drunk old man and he proceeded to tell us about his life and how he needs our help and God´s help. He asked for our names no joke 10 different times and each time tried to shake our hands. We had enough of putting hand sanitizer on after each handshake so instead, we poured germ-x in his outstretched hand. He then took the hand-full of germ-x and rubbed it all over his face and bare chest. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Sis. Lee and I laughed about it for a solid 10 minutes afterwards. Good times. 
-I watched a little handicapped boy eat butter by the spoonful out of a bucket, in the dark, while we taught his (single) mom and her other 10 year old daughter in their unfinished brick room. Very humbling experience. 
-I now tell people I´m from Newport, CA because everyone assumes all the white missionaries are from Utah....-_-
-Title of my email is brought to you by Sis. Lee. She said it to another comp while trying to comfort them, and I thought it was hilarious. So anytime anyone starts to cry or is sad, just give them a friendly reminder that at least they´re not a stinky goat (;
-We bought a real coconut and it was gross. Had to say we bought a coconut in CV though
-We found kraft mac n´cheese in one of the little stores here!!! We ate it with rice and an egg for lunch. I´m a big fan of mixing food together here which is kinda gross, but it tastes good so whateva
-And the best fact of all, I HIT 2 MONTHS ON THE MISSION TODAY WOOOOOOOT. only 16 more to
Sorry for the novel again, so much happens in one week. I love you all though and can´t tell you enough how grateful I am for all the love and support. If you get a chance, read the last 3 chapters of 2nd Nephi. They are amazing. Peace out from Africa xoxo

Much love,
Sister Jorgensen

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