Monday, November 21, 2016

Don´t worry, just work hard!

Week 10:  November 21, 2016

Oi homies!
This week was good! And full of random experiences. This past Tuesday I was on divisions with Sis. Franco who lives in a 4 person (sister) house. They ran out of water two nights before I got there... meaning that no one had showered, flushed the toilet, or cleaned the dishes.....super fun, let me tell ya. So most of Tuesday was spent waiting for the water dudes to come and re-fill the tank, and boy what a blessing it was to be able to flush their toilets again....yikes. That night, we were out knocking doors and ran into a woman who was from Brazil who spoke both English and Portuguese. Which was such a blessing, cause Sis. Franco only speaks Portuguese and it had already been rough enough that day not being able to understand anything. The lady was super nice at first and listened to us talk about the gospel, but little did we know she had created her own church with her husband. Ha ha. Long story short, she ended up informing us that we were not saved and needed to rely solely on Jesus Christ rather than the BOM (another testament of Christ... ironic, right?) She gave us pamphlets for her church, and hopes to see us there someday. It was super funny. She was really nice though, and no arguing took place, so it´s all good. I just never thought I would meet a Mormon basher here lol. 
Thursday was definitely the highlight of my week though. Elder Kearon, of the seventy, came and spoke to our mission. It was phenomenal. He is the most caring and genuine person I have EVER met. And is definitely called of God. He talked about several things, but what really stuck out to me was how we as missionaries, need to become the message we are teaching. He is a convert, and was approached by many missionaries before joining the church. But what he remembers most is being approached by two sisters who were full of light and super happy. He doesn´t remember what they said, but how they acted and spoke to him. He wants us to BECOME our message, and be happy. He said that `the mission is meant to stretch you, not make you unhappy.` It was amazing.

I´m out of time, but things are great here in Cabo Verde! I love it and am learning so much! Thanks for all the love and support!!!!!! love you all!!! xoxo


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