Monday, December 12, 2016

`Second Floor, Second Door`

WEEK 13:  DECEMBER 12, 2016

Cool story about this pic...Sis. Kinikini's uncle was
companions with Sis. Jorgensen's dad  25+ years ago in the
Santa Rosa Mission!!!!  Such a small world!!
Oi fam!

Cannot believe another week has already come and gone. Sister Kinikini and I are doing great though! We love our area and the people in it. They are seriously AMAZING. We´ve finally been able to figure out the names of all the different towns in our area and are slowly starting to get a hang of things here. We found 10 new investigators this week which was super awesome. We have return appointments for them this upcoming week so we´re hoping they all end up progressing and wanting to learn more. 

I think I already told ya´ll about our 11 year old golden child, Antonio, but I just gotta talk about how incredible he is. He is living proof that God prepares people to hear this message. He still has a baptismal date for the 24th of this month and he has now attended church with us two weeks in a row. He´ll wait by his front door every sunday and when he hears our voices, swings open the front door.  We´re hoping his older sister will also accept this date and be baptized with him. It´s hard though because his mom, Nair, and sister, Larissa, aren´t progressing as fast as he is. They still have yet to attend church with us, and are hesitant to fully commit to reading and praying every day. So please pray that their hearts will be softened and that they will realize just how important this gospel is!! Antonio is seriously the funniest and smartest 11 year old I have ever met though and Sis. Kinikini and I love him. Before our scheduled lessons with him he will wait right next to his front door until he can hear our voices and then will open the door before we have time to knock. It´s the cutest thing ever. He also always tries to speak English with us, and has the most perfect curly hair.  I will try and get a picture and send it next week. 

In regards to the title of this email, Sis. Kinikini and I had the most amazing experience this past week. As most of you know, President Uchtdorf gave a talk titled `Fourth Floor, Last Door` this past conference. We had a similar experience this past saturday, but for us it was `Second Floor, Second Door.` In our area we have this apartment called `Casa Por Todos`(house for all) and it´s pretty much a place for people who can´t afford much and just need a place to stay. It´s a 20 min (uphill) walk from our house, and we usually pick one day out of the week to go there cause it´s so far away. This past week, we decided that Saturday would be the day. So we ate lunch and then started the trek uphill. Honestly, I wasn´t too thrilled to be heading there because Sis. Xavier and I had never had much luck when we visited. BUT, Sis. Kinikini and I got there and met with one of our street contacts, Elton, and his girlfriend, Ronisa and their cute little daughter. We taught them The Restoration and it went pretty well. The portguese and creole language barrier was a real thing.. but afterwards Elton went on to explain how before our visit he had never had any interest in learning more about religion, and has never once let missionaries into his home. But he said the night that Sis. Xavier and I talked with him in the streets, something changed, and that he suddenly has a desire to meet with us and learn more about our church. It was literally the coolest thing. And although I couldn´t understand most of his creole, I could feel the spirit and knew that he had such a strong desire to grow closer to Christ and learn more. Sis. Kinikini and I had a small dance party outside their front door afterwards and then gave a prayer of thanks. It was such a testimony builder that God REALLY IS preparing these people here in Cabo Verde to hear His message in His OWN DUE TIME. 

I love the mission. I love bearing my testimony everyday. I LOVE these people. They are amazing and I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else! I love seeing the Holy Ghost bear witness to them that our message is true, and that God really does love them and have a perfect plan for them. It´s my favorite thing to see the people give me nasty glares cause I´m a white girl in CV, and then I smile and say hi to them, and they light up and say hello back. Just goes to show how much a simple smile or hello can change someones day. I am so blessed to be here,  and I realize more and more every day just how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I do. Each night while walking home, Sis. Kinikini and I list 10 things we were grateful for that day. It helps so much and we are always happier after. I challenge you all to do the same!!

Your love and support means the world, and although I suck at responding to your emails, they definitely do not go unnoticed. Love you all and hope you have a great week. Focus more on Christ and serving others this CHRISTmas season. #SEJAaLUZdoMUNDO xoxo

Fun Facts of the Week: 
-Justin Timberlake and JB were playing in the streets this week. Tender Mercy.
-15 min power naps are actually a thing #BLESSED
-They have school on saturdays here. haha suckers
-Sore knuckles from knocking doors is a REAL thing
-Everyones breath here smells SO bad
-The bread here in Santo Antao is literally AMAZING. I never thought it was possible to get fat in Africa, but here we are.....
-We asked a lady to pray with us this week and instead of saying it out loud, she said it in her head. So we literally just awkwardly sat there and kept peeking to see if she was done. So funny hahaha 

Much love, Sister Jorgensen


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