Monday, February 20, 2017

I love Dorothy Smith so much!

Week 22:  February 20, 2017

It was a bittersweet week in the mission this week.  Lot's of progress finding investigators and those interested in learning more about the church.  But also very tough because a close friend of mine, Dorothy Smith (Dot), is headed home and that makes me so sad and I know a very tough situation for her.  Some of you may remember my updates from the MTC and the great experience Dot and I had together.  I love her so much and we all need to keep her in our prayers.  I have included some of my favorite pictures and memories with Dot.  

Here are a few of the quick updates:  
  1. Yesterday we had an awesome lesson in gospel principles about prayers. This sunday our ex-bishop gave the lesson and it was sooooo good. He talked about how we can literally pray for anything and that we SHOULD pray for anything and everything in our lives. 
  2. I drank juice from a bleach bottle, well because its Africa, and I'm still alive so I think all is well
  3. 10 mosquito bites in one night...
  4. We found 18 new pesquisadors in one day
  5. Their `movie theater`is literally in a bar, with two couches, and a flat screen tv
  6. We met this 80 yr old Gma with only one eye and she started crying about her daughter that died 34 years ago after we entered her house.  Then she showed us a pic of her 12 kids and then put on her blue aviators like a boss hahaha so funny and random
Much love- 
Sister Jorgensen

My bestie ... Dot Smith.  Love you so much!

 Other Pics from this week:  
Sister McCall and Sister Jorgensen

Carnival is a huge thing on the islands

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