Monday, February 27, 2017

Transfers ... Round 4

Week 23:  February 27, 2017

Danggg another 6 weeks have come and gone! Time is flying here, but also going by so slow. haha! It´s the weirdest thing. This week was ight though! We marked lots of baptismal dates, which was awesome! BUT, none of them came to church on sunday...they all told us saturday afternoon that they would be there, so you can imagine how bummed we were to find out that all of them were either sleeping, or at work sunday morning....pessoas aqui as vezes..On the bright side, Ronise and Elton are still BALLIN´and were both in church! WOOT! Things are quazi prepared for their wedding and this wednesday they will officially be marking the date for their wedding in the registro (no clue what this is called in America...the place where you mark civil weddings..? ha) And the best part is, I WILL BE STAYING HERE ANOTHER TRANSFER TO SEE THEIR WEDDING!!!!!!! So pumped! They´re amazing and I love their family so much. My comp, Sis Pires is being transferred and I have a new (old) companion coming up to the island to join me ... drum roll ... SISTER LEE!!  For those that may have forgotten, she was my trainer and we get to be together again and I am pumped for that.  This will be her last transfer before going home.  

Facts of the week:
- Elton, Ronise, and their daughter Paola are so awesome!  Love them!
- The power of prayer is REAL
- CARNAVAL started here on friday and it´s been crazy ever since! They all dress up and dance and its super cool. But this Tuesday is the official Carnaval and we have to be in our houses early and we can't be close to the crowds. 

Not much else happened this week, and I´m out of time. BUT, know that I love all of you and am so beyond grateful for all the love and support you continue to show me. I wouldn´t be here without it. Also, please continue to keep dorothy smith in your prayers. I love her with my whole heart and know the Lord is watching over her through all of this. She changed so many peoples´ lives here in Cabo Verde, along with mine. And i couldn´t be more grateful to have met her. Love you dot. xoxo

Much love, Sister Jorgensen

Ronise, Elton & Paola

How many fingers?
The landscape and towns of Porto Novo

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