Monday, April 24, 2017

Still tired, but ready to work!

Week 31: April 24, 2017

As you can tell by the title, it was quite the week! It started off with being in São Vincente for our mission tour with Elder Zwick of the area 70 and his cutest wife. They talked about some awesome things that we can do as missionaries to strengthen our testimonies and our pesquisadors testimonies... Along with how we can have more success while serving here in Cabo Verde. It was super good! Sis Zwick also brought chocolate bars from America (BUTTERFINGERS) so yeah, it was a dang good day (;  The boat rides were... let´s just say I´ve never been more grateful for dramamine. Somehow Sis. Alfaia and I managed to survive both rides, so all is well over here in Africa. 

As far as Porto Novo Norte goes, we´re still working on baptizing Ronise and Elton AND THEIR CHILDREN! This past week, her two kids, Cintia and Carlos, asked us for books of mormon (best two years shoutout) and have been reading and studying them! A few months ago they were strictly set on attending another church with their aunt and DID NOT want to talk with us. Now, they are sitting with us during lessons and want to get baptized. MILAGRES PEOPLE. My testimony of the Lord´s timing was strengthened SO much this week. At times I question how and why I´m still in this same area (going on 6 months) but then I see miracles like this and I´m reminded that none of this is about me, but ALL about the Lord and His timing. 

We are also still working on setting a wedding date with Miry and Nelson. She´s been talking with him a lot about how much she wants to get baptized and married and he´s now more open to getting married here within the next few months. He initially wanted to get married in a year, but now look. MILAGRE #2. 

Not much else happened this week. Each night when we get home though, Sis Alfaia and I count how many miracles we had during that day. It´s helped us stay positive and realize just how blessed we are each day, and how much the Lord really is helping us with this work. Even with the little things, like having water and electricity every day. I challenge you all to do the same, starting tonight! Count the miracles throughout each day and thank your Heavenly Father for it all afterwards. I know you will all see a difference and feel the love of God more fully in your lives. I love you all SO much and hope things are going well back home.

Shoutout to Dot Smith for the ballin´ quote she put in my planner..`There is NO obstacle too great, NO challenge too difficult, if we have FAITH. -President Hinckley´ Love you Dot!

Got to see Sis. Vega again!!  Served with her in the MTC

Fun facts of the week:
-Ate raw chicken and didn´t die. swag
-A girl told us that God was her hero and it was the cutest thing ever!!
-the title is a direct quote from Sis Alfaia. Missions are super tiring, but we´re always ready to WORK (;
-we knocked on the door of a library...haha whoops!  We can never tell whats a house or a store here (or library in our case) 
-we watched a dog roll in a diaper full of baby poop....
-Justin Bieber´s song SORRY came on while i was reading a scripture during a lesson, and it took every fiber of my being to not start singing along 
-saw a shirt that said, `bustin ours so we can kick yours.` new fav quote 
- studying in garments has become a thing bc it´s SO DANG HOT HERE 

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

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