Monday, June 5, 2017

brancas em Terra Branca

WEEK 37: June 5, 2017

I swear this week was literally only 5 seconds long. BUT, all is well over here in Terra Branca, We are finding TONS of new pesquisadors and helping our "dates marked" progress towards baptism here within the next couple of weeks. We still find ourselves getting lost deveis en quanto, but it´s getting better. We´re finally getting the hang of this place. On the very bright side, I´ve been able to see so many people who I met in my first 5 weeks of the mission, including my very first baptism, Dudu!! It was so good to see him and catch up for a little.

Blessings of the mission!! Also, there´s LOADS of J-dubs in our area (Jehovah´s Witnesses) and the quote of the week from one of our Elders was to NOT FEAR THE JDUBS, and keep preaching the gospel to the people they are teaching as well. haha. I invite you all to do the same and NOT FEAR THE JDUBS, or in other words, don´t be afraid to share the gospel with those you know and invite them to come to church with you or start meeting with the missionaries. Although ya´ll don´t have name tags, you can still do missionary work all day erry day.

The city of Terra Branca
Also, funny of the week. So here in Cabo Verde, EVERYONE and their dog likes to kiss eachother on the cheek. It´s a sign of respect here. Us sisters are only allowed to kiss women on the cheek, seeing as we might fall in love with a "local" man. haha jokes. kinda (; Anyways, this past Tuesday we were out knocking doors, like always, and we ran into this cute old man. We started talking to him under his mango tree about the gospel, when all of a sudden his neto (grandson) walked through the gate, said ola, and kissed me on the cheek. Sis Frandsen, being tall as ever, was able to dodge the kiss. But I on the other hand was not fast enough to dodge out of the way. It all happened so fast, and we had to continue talking to the old man as I stood there very confused with very wide eyes. hahaha The little boy was probably only 12 yrs old, and was doing it out of complete respect, but it was still super funny and we had a good laugh about it for the rest of the day!

Other than that, not much else is going on. I really like this area so far, and these people seem really awesome! Our ward is kinda strugglin at the moment and only has a frequency of 30 on a good pray for the growth of this area. We were able to find this really cool man by the name of Silvino the other day who attended a baptism AND church with us! He has a baptism date and seems to be progressing super well! I´m excited to keep working with him and our other pesquisadors!

Thank you ALL for the love and support. I never realized how hard a mission could be both mentally, physically and spiritually. It´s taught me so much, and I still have a LONG ways to go, but I´m grateful for all the experiences I have had so far. Your prayers are definitely felt and they help me continue to perseverar ate o fim! (persevere to the end) Have a great week and know that I love you all so so much. 


Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxoxo
Ronise and her children on their baptism day!!!!! i was transferred days later

Just a friendly little lizard trying to relax in the tub!!
Our District :))

YUMMY bread!!

The local fresh market!!

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