Tuesday, May 23, 2017

`Praia Round 2`

WEEK 35: MAY 23, 2017

Well people, I´m back in Praia and missin Santo Antao like none other. After 6 months of Porto Novo, I have officially been transferred back to Praia. And guess what, I´m white washing AGAIN! My new area is called Terra Branca and we live super close to my old area, Tira Chapeu, which is SO awesome! I´m so excited to see people who I met at the beginning of my mission! My new comp is Sis Frandsen from Minnesota. She seems pretty cool!

We are taking over an old Elders area here in Terra Branca, which means we are now living in their old house. And BOY LET ME TELL YOU HOW FUN IT IS TO CLEAN AN ELDERS HOUSE........two 18 year old boys, living in a house, by themselves....yeah...thank heavens the church is true. After a long day of deep cleaning, we were finally able to leave the house and explore our new area. One of the members here was able to come with us and help us out. It seems like we have our work cut out for us here, but I´m excited to get to know the people in this new area and help them learn more about the gospel.

No pics for this week bc my camera is dead and this computer is awful, BUT I hope ya´ll have a great week. Remember that God loves you and knows each and every one of you. He is there no matter what, even when it feels like He is oh so far away. Keep pushin through and remember that everything happens for a reason. Love you all so much and am SO grateful for ALL of your love and support. xoxo

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

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