Monday, June 26, 2017

Trainee going on trainer

Week 40: June 26, 2017

YOOOO, what a week! Transfer calls came last night, and like always emotions were at an all time high! I thought for sure I would be leaving, but NOPE! turns out I will be TRAINING! not ready, but super excited to meet my first daughter and see how things go! Her name is Sis Transfiguration or something??!! I think she might be Spanish. Transfers continue to blow my mind, but i´m excited to stay in this area (and this house WOOT! hashtag hot water and AC. god bless.) I´m still pretty new to this area, but we´ve found some awesome people so far, and I´m excited to see who else we will find during this next transfer!
Not much else happened in the area this week. Sis Frandsen and I continued to work with our dates marked and find new people. We will be having a baptism this weekend for an 18 year old boy named Emilio. He showed up to church the first weekend we invited him, and has been coming ever since then! He is super prepared and has such a strong testimony. I am so excited to see him get baptized this weekend and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost! 

This place is still hot as ever, and 2-3 showers a day is completely normal. It´s also mango season which means life is GREAT right now. I love these people. I love this work, and I love seeing people change their lives´ for the better. There´s no where else i´d rather be right now, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my mission has in store. Keep reading your scriptures every day and praying, and keep going to church each week. I know it will bless your life more than you will ever know, because it has already changed mine. I am so grateful for this gospel in my life and the chance we have to continually repent and become better. I love you all more than you will ever know and pray for you daily. Have a great week!! 
Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

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