Monday, July 3, 2017

God Bless the Red White Blue and Yellow

WEEK 41: July 3, 2017

Fat HBD shoutout to AMERICA! Eat lots of fireworks and shoot lots of hotdogs for me lol (; So sad I won´t be there to celebrate with ya´ll but I actually might bleed red white blue AND yellow now... #caboverde5ever!! How´s everyone doing though?? Things are goin really good over here in Terra Branca. My filha ("daughter" or brand new sister missionary) is KILLIN it and I love her to death. You´ll never guess where she´s from though.....THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII!!!!! Literally my fav island ever and she lives in Kona! So yeah, you could say we are bff´s now. So much for her speaking spanish though haha. It´s so crazy to see where she´s at, because I swear I was just there yesterday... very wide eyed and wondering what I had gotten myself into. She´s really good at saying `how are you` and `my name is` in Portuguese haha. I love her to death though, and the language will come along with time. If I can communicate in Portuguese then anyone can.

Unfortunately our baptism did not happen this past weekend. Emilio woke up two days before with a swollen face and didnt want to be baptized looking like the chubby kid from Willy Wonka lol!! All is well though because he is still beyond prepared and ready to be baptized this coming Saturday. Keep him and his face in your prayers pls (:

Our new president also got in this past weekend and we will be having zone conference with him and his wife this Wednesday. Im super excited to meet him and see how things are gonna work with a new president. That´s about it for this week though. Happy late birthday to my favorite McCALL! Hope it was rad...can´t believe you´re legal now. Also, shoutout to my girl Shelbs for sealin the deal. Proud daughter moment (´: and the BIGGEST shoutout ever to my amazing Dad for turning 29 yesterday!!  Love you so much!  Have a great week and take a nap for me (;

Much love, Sister Jorgensen xoxo

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