Monday, July 24, 2017

Encontrar*ing* até o pó

WEEK 44: July 24, 2017

Heyyyyyy fammmmmm :) 

Sorry about last week. I didnt have time to write ya´ll. Time just keeps flying by and it feels like i never have time to do anything.. weekly´s included haha. BUT, no need to fret. I´m back, stomach bug and ALL. (dont worry Cam, it´s not too bad.) 

But hey, this past week was lit. Sis T and I got down to business and were able to find 20 novos pesquisadors. HALLELUJAH! We have some high hopes for a few of them, and this week will be allll about marking dates with them and helping them work towards a new life and repenting. Keep them in your prayers pls! Hopefully their hearts will truly be opened to our message! 

We´re currently working with this super cute couple, Daisy and Fabio, who have the cutest son EVER named Freddy (with the MASSIVE eyeballs). Anyways, we´ve been teaching them and talking to them about marriage and baptism. They are super open to our message, and Fabio has such a strong desire to learn more! We are planning to go to the registro with them this up coming Wednesday, so pls pray that everything will work out and that they will continue to have this desire to seguir Cristo. This work is so amazing and I look forward to leaving each day and looking for those who are truly prepared to hear this gospel. I am so excited for kade and nate to experience all these things, and see people change their lives´ for the better.

Also, we had TXEU menos ativos (lots of less actives) at church yesterday and it was sooo awesome. Missionary work is such an adrenaline rush man. Other than that, not much else has happened. Only sad news is that i haven´t been able to eat a mango for a WHOLE WEEK because of this stupid stomach bug. SO shatu (annoying). OH, and random fact of the week, kite in kreolu is papaguyu (papa-guy-ooh). k tchau. Love you ALL. Mostly Maizy (Kenzies dog) tho lol. XOXO

PS... funny of the week: so Saturdays here are our days to do service and help people clean their houses or wash clothes. and this past Saturday we did exactly that! We helped this cute family bater ropas and let´s just say I´ve never been more grateful for american washing machines...anyways, the whole time we were washing clothes there was this little old lady talking to us through a cracked wooden door. Come to find out, this old lady was the mom of the lady we were helping clean clothes. She was like 77 or something like that, and apparently they had LOCKED HER inside this old wooden house, because if they let her out she would go to the bar and get super wasted. hahahah. So the whole time we cleaned clothes, this 77 year old woman was yelling at us in kreolu to open the door because it was hot and dark and she had to use the bathroom. But we weren´t allowed to open it, so all we could do was smile and say `desculpa, me ka pode.` It was hilarious. Especially when her grandson would call her a drunk and she would yell through the crack in the door, `MENTIRA!` and `CALABOCA!` which means liar and shutup. Man i love this country.

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