Monday, July 10, 2017

Mangos and Bananas

WEEK 42: July 10 2017

Okay, so I lied in my last weekly. My fidja is actually 100% Filipino, BUT she has lived in Hawaii her whole life. If you're wondering who her parents are look in the Gordon B Hinckley Teachings of the Presidents book, chapter 10, and that cute hawaiian slash filipino couple...yep those are her adorable parents. cool right? Anyways, how's everyone doin?? I hope this past week was good and that ya´ll were able to eat lots of good food, and celebrate the Land of the Free!! Things were good here in Praia. Eu e Sis T had our baptism of EMILIO!! AH it was SO good!  He was 30 minutes early to his baptism and 30 minutes early to church the next day before he was confirmed! He is such an awesome young man and we are trying to talk to him lots about missionary work. He would be such a great elder!

As for the rest of the week, Sis T and I are trying really hard to find new investigators. It was really easy the first 6 weeks here because we didnt know anyone, but now that we are getting used to things and this area it´s been a little harder. Those people are definitely out there and ready to be taught, we just havent found them yet. So pray for us and the progress of Terra Branca pls (:  

Funny of the week: So Sis T only has about a week here in Cabo Verde and is still adjusting big time to the time difference and literally everything else that this blessed country has to offer. Anyways, this past week we were doing our personal study and she decided to study the same page in the BOM for 20 minutes...haha I´m suprised she wasn´t snoring by then. Luckily, I had the genius idea to scare her awake!! So i yelled `SISTER` really loud, and the look she had on her face quazi made me pee my pants. It was the best! And yes, I got it on film. Ask Camdog, and she can show you. 

Well folks, thats about it. As you can see by the title, our lives consist of bananas and mangos at the moment. We eat about 15-20 each week and i LOVE it. k love ya´ll tchauuuuu xoxo

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