Monday, August 14, 2017

Segunda Milha

WEEK 47: August 14, 2017

So this week was long and tiring and a lil disappointing, but what´s mission work without all of that amiright? (camdog dont edit that) On a positive note, SIS T AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER ANOTHER TRANSFER WOOOOOOOT! The only down side is that we have to change houses....which means no more AC and hot water...AND WE HAVE TO CLEAN ANOTHER ELDERS HOUSE :( good thing im a missionary and a disciple of Christ who never gets mad at elders for leaving their houses dirty.....smh. BUT, Sis T and I definitely have our work cut out for us. Our area just doubled in size, and we will now be the only missionaries in our ward. This will be my 3rd white wash in just a short 11 months. Time is crazy. 

As for our pesquisadors...that was the disappointing part. We had an awesome noite familiar saturday night and about 10 of our peeps said they would come to church the next afternoon. Well guess how many ended up coming?? ZERO. the words of Sis Stevenson... `that´s all i have to say about that!!` but we´ll keep trying. 4 of them still have baptismal dates, but if they don´t come to church ka ta da. So plsss pray for this area !!

As for the title, President Amo has given MCVP (missao cabo verde praia) a new motto which is Segunda Milha. Ou seja,(that is) the "second mile". We are starting, as a mission, to cleanse ourselves first and repent. Once we have personally become closer to Christ, it is important to do the little things each day to bring the spirit into our lives and His work. Which means making our bed every morning, cleaning all the dishes before we leave, and just having a clean house in general. Once we have created an environment for the Holy Ghost to preside, we will start having that same spirit with us once we leave the house to teach. This will help us `go the second mile` and help our mission become a `second mile` mission. I really love the whole concept, and President Amo is a great man who is really trying to help this mission become better to then help Cabo Verde become better and closer to the Lord. I invite you all to take up this challenge as well, and really purify yourselves personally to come closer to your Savior, and then complete the little tasks each day to constantly have the spirit with you. I know it will work because Sis T and I have already seen such a huge difference in our lives by doing so. And we will once again feel that after cleaning up the old elders house we moved into today........Lord help us!!

I love you all and am so so grateful for your love and support. Kade and Nate, pls stop growing up on me. Just wait 7 more months k? Nate, take good care of Juan (the truck) and love the experience of driving a stick shift (; Kade, have so much fun at college and remember that you are preparing to go on a mission (; remember who you are and WHO´s you are. and remember to do the little things every day and go the extra mile ((: LOVE YOU XO

Much love, Sister Jorgensen

Bishop Pires...his niece was one of my comps

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