Monday, January 9, 2017


WEEK 17: January 9, 2017

This week was definitely better than the last! The beginning was a little rough, seeing as I was still getting over the flu, but things got better as the days went on. I also had my second baptism this past saturday!!!!!!! WOOOT!!! Her name is Daniela and she is 17 years old. She is the niece of our wards RS counselor, Maurzia. She lives with her Maurzia, and has been going to church for most of her life. So she was very prepared when we met her and started teaching her. Her parents weren´t very keen on the idea of her becoming a member of our church, but they allowed it and signed the papers. It was sad that neither one of them even made an effort of attending her baptism, but it was such a cool experience to watch her be baptized with her aunt and other family there. She will be such a strong member and I hope one day she will have the chance to serve a mission. She would be a great missionary! 
Things have been interesting lately in Porto Novo though. Ever since my companion, Sis. Kinikini, left for Praia, I´ve been in a tripla with the other two sisters here. They´ve been living at my house and we´ve been trying to work in both areas. It´s definitely been difficult, but also cool to teach with two other sisters, Sis. McCall and Sis. Whitney. We were told some sad news yesterday though...turns out my comp, Sis. Kinikini will have to head back to America to recieve better medical help. She has a big lump on the side of her neck and no one knows what it is. I am super sad to lose her as a comp. I learned so much from her and she was an amazing missionary. We hope and pray she can return back to Cabo Verde, but please keep her in your prayers!! 

Sorry it´s short this week. I know ya´ll LOVE reading my weeklys and hearing about my life here on ten small rocks in the middle of the atlantic ocean. HA. But really, thank you all so much for the love and support. It means more than any of you will ever know, and it is definitely needed. I am trying my hardest to write all of you back, but just know how much it means to me and how much I truly love all of you. Keep choosing the right, and listening to music.

Much love Sister Jorgensen xoxo

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