Monday, January 30, 2017

`Fogo and Sintonton` (Fire on Santo Antao)

WEEK 19 January 30, 2017

Oooh this week was a little rough in the investigator department....Sis. Pires and I have been knocking doors all week and trying to find new pesquisadors because none of the ones we have now are willing to keep commitments and attend church. Very shat.( shat is Creole for annoying) But what can you do. The only `real` progressing investigators we have are Ronise and Elton. They are GOLDEN. For those of you who actually keep up with my weekly´s (don´t worry, I probably wouldn´t either) you would know that Ronise wasn´t too fond of the idea of getting married in March. This past week we taught them about eternal marriage and temples. The spirit was super strong and you could tell how much they wanted to attend the temple. We re-set a date with them of March 18th, and this was the first time I have actually seen them open up to the idea of marriage before June. They decided they needed a week to talk about things, and then they would let us know. So Sis. Pires and I have been praying like crazy that we will recieve some good news in the upcoming week. Please pray for them too!!!! They need it! 

In regards to the title, quite a few things happened on the little island of Sintonton (Santo Antao the way Cabo Verdeans say it haha.) First, there was a grease fire and this poor old mans house was totally destroyed. I swear the whole island was there helping him put out the fire though. So many people! And a little 3 year old boy got hit by a car yesterday as well. There are no such things as speed limits here, which at times is super sketchy. 

Not much else happened this week. But I do want to share a quick spiritual though for ya´ll. This week I have started reading D&C and wanted to share what I thought about sections 1-3. It talks a lot about repentance and how Joseph Smith himself, the very man who restored the gospel and was a prophet of God, had to repent! I ´ve been trying to focus on this a lot and repent daily for even the smallest of things. Like Elder Bednar said, Às missionaries we must be repenting daily in order to tecah repentance to our pesquisadors. Everything we are teaching and inviting our pesquidaros to do, we should be doing oursleves.`I invite you all to work on this. I also invite you all to start reading D&C to strengthen your testimonies of Joseph Smith. I know that he was a prohet of God, and without his faith as a young 14 year old boy, we wouldn´t have this church and gospel on this earth today. 

I am beyond grateful and constantly in awe at all the love and support I receive. Have a great week! 

Much love, Sis.Jorgensen  xoxo

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