Monday, January 23, 2017

maneira bo ta familia e amigos

WEEK 18: January 23, 2017 

 my friend Ronise...LOVE her!!
Oi todo mundo! Como foi suas semana passado? (Hello Everyone! How was your week?) (basically) :)

IT`S LITERALLY ALMOST FEBRUARY  WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!?! Things are pretty good here in Porto Novo. Sadly, I left the tripla this past week. Sis. McCall is now serving in Mindelo still as a STL (Sister Trainer Leader) and Sis. Whitney is back in Porto Novo Sul but now with Sis. Miller (from my MTC group.) It´ll be fun seeing a familiar face every sunday now! I recieved my new companion this past Wednesday and it is.....*drum roll*.....Sis. Pires! She´s cabo verdean and from the island of Fogo. She only speaks portuguese and kreolu, so hopefully my portuguese will be on point after this transfer! She also served here exactly a year ago, so even though we´re pretty much white washing again... it´s been nice that she already knows the area and some of the people here.
As far as missionary work jk that´s all we do. But our area is slowly hoppin`again. Sis. Pires and I are baterìng`portas (knocking doors) like it´s nobodies business! Ronise and Elton are still progressing and officially want to be married! WOOOOOT! But we still have a problem because now they want to be married in June.......we initially gave them a date of March 4th, but Ronise didn´t like that idea too much. She didn´t feel like that was enough time to get everything ready. We´ll continue to work with them and help them realize that they´re currently breaking the law of chastity...haha but PLEASE continue to pray for them. Elton still needs all the help he can get with quitting smoking and drinking! 

New comp Sis. Pires :)
Other than that, just the usual here in Africa. It´s FREEZING at night and we´re literally shivering as we walk in the apartment, kids always ask to eat our food and ALWAYS want a sticker, and peoples´breath here still smells awful!!  BUT I am falling in love with these 10 little islands. The people are so humble and so welcoming. The kids are also BEAUTIFUL. I love sharing the gospel and my testimony every day with these people. Although it´s very difficult for this area to accept and keep commitments, I know the Lord loves them with His whole heart and has not forgotten about them. As I finished reading the BOM this past week, I couldn´t help but think about how lucky we are to have this gospel on the earth right now. And to literally have the power and authority of God at our fingertips with worthy priesthood holders. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be serving a mission in Cabo Verde. It´s so hard, but so worth it. I wouldn´t trade these hardships and experiences for the world. I love you all and am so very grateful for your constant love and support. I challenge you all to read Moroni ch. 10 this week and pray for yourself to know if these things are true! ATE PROXIMA SEMANA XOXO  (see you next week)

Much Love Sis. Jorgensen xoxoxo
Finally got me some PEANUT BUTTER!!!  Best day EVER!!

Merry Christmas notes from the Highland 29th ward YW's!! Loved them soooo much

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