Monday, April 10, 2017

"Killed" my (mission) mom

Week 29:  April 10, 2017

(Editors note:  this post has nothing to do with violence or hurting anyone.  This is missionary lingo for a situation where you get to be with your trainer until he/she leaves the mission.  :D)

WOW, I cannot believe this transfer is already over! I wish Sis. lee and I could serve together longer, but she is now officially dead haha. So crazy she´ll be in America this week. Best of luck in the real world, Shelbs (; BUT, we recieved transfer calls this morning and my new companion will be Sis. Alfaia! She is Brazilian but speaks fluent English! How awesome is that? And what´s even cooler is that we found each other on social media before the mission and made jokes about being comps one day, and now look where we are. Crazy stuff man! I´m super pumped to have her as my new companion though, and I think we will get along really well. She comes in on the boat tomorrow morning, so until then I´m with Sis. Franco .. patienec Dot. 

As for the rest of this week, things were pretty good. Sis. Lee and I tried to spice things up a bit, seeing as it was her last week here in Cabo Verde, and ate something Cabo Verdean EVERY single day. It was dang good! We ate lots of fish, cachupa, and arroz sujo com feijao. Can´t wait to try and make these things at home for you guys and see how you like it ;) As far as investigators go, this area is still pretty slow and we´re struggling to find new people who are interested and willing to make changes in their lives. We are still working with Ronise and Elton though and they are amazing. THEY GOT MARRIED THIS PAST WEEKEND AND IT WAS SO AWESOME! They both looked so great and it was so cool seeing how a cabo verdean wedding works! On the down side, Elton still has some issues with the word of wisdom and they weren´t able to be baptized this weekend.. BUT, we will continue to work with them and help him prepare for another date. He wants to be baptized so bad, and I know he can break the cycle of his addictions. Keep praying for them though PLS. They need it!

Other than that, not much else exciting happened this week. It was fun killing my mom, and I´m gonna miss her lots, but I´m grateful we were able to serve together twice! She was an awesome missionary and taught me lots! Hope ya´ll have a great week! Love you so much! 

ps. I still get disappointed every time I see a puppy here and it´s not maizy. Be grateful for clean, humane dogs in ´merica. 

Much Love-
Sister Jorgensen xoxoxo

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